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AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien joined The Trey Gowdy Podcast this week. “Ambassador O’Brien provides insight into the evolving conflict between the United States and China and explains how to manage the Chinese communist party. Trey and Ambassador O’Brien reflect on the current state of the Russian war on Ukraine and the valiant defense efforts of the Ukrainian military. Plus, Trey asks Ambassador O’Brien a few questions on faith, family, and golf.”
New OpEd by AGS Senior VP Brian Cavanaugh – “How one US government agency is helping China win the tech race”
AGS Managing Partner Alexander Gray recently spoke with Tiffany Meier on NTD Television to discuss India’s potential role as a manufacturing partner in moving supply chains out of China.
AGS Chief of Staff Madeleine Westerhout traveled to Dubai last week to serve as the Chairperson for the 11th Global Executive Assistant Summit. Over 70 attendees serving in different fields from around the world participated in the two day summit. Madeleine shared insights from her experience as a former executive assistant, as well as moderated a panel on how the EA role has evolved and how this role brings value to an organization.
Former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien joined Hugh Hewitt to discuss the strategic competition with China and the importance of the U.S. maintaining its position as the global leader in tech development.
The Hill: Robert C. O’Brien: Investments are needed to stop the US from falling behind China in AI
Former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss growing Chinese influence across the globe and how the U.S. should be handling tension with Taiwan.