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Katie Price is the Chief of Staff to the CEO at American Global Strategies LLC.

Before joining AGS, Mrs. Price served at the White House from 2017-2020. Katie served as a Press Assistant in the press office. In this pivotal role, she was responsible for coordinating media interactions, crafting press materials, and ensuring smooth communication flow for members of the administration and the president.

Following her tenure at the White House, Katie transitioned to a presidential campaign, where she assumed the position of Deputy Director of Surrogate Operations. In this capacity, she led a team responsible for coordinating and mobilizing surrogate speakers to represent the campaign’s message effectively.

Building on her extensive experience in communications and executive management, Katie joined the Trump Organization as an Operations Manager.  In this multifaceted position, she adeptly oversaw various aspects of operations to ensure seamless efficiency within the organization.

With a reputation for grace under pressure and an unwavering commitment to achieving results, Katie Price has earned the respect of colleagues and peers alike. Her ability to anticipate communication challenges and swiftly adapt to evolving circumstances makes her a valuable asset in any high-stakes environment.