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The Honorable Scott Morrison served as Prime Minister of Australia from 2018 to 2022,  As Prime Minister, Mr. Morrison successfully led Australia through the global COVID 19 pandemic, achieving one of the world’s most effective public health and economic responses. Under Mr. Morrison’s leadership Australia had the third lowest COVID fatality rate in the OECD while Australia’s economy outperformed all G7 and almost all OECD economies.

As Prime Minister, Mr. Morrison was the architect and founder of the AUKUS trilateral defense agreement between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. He was a  founding member of the Quad leaders dialogue with India, Japan, and the United States and completed numerous other diplomatic, trade and defense agreements, especially in the Indo-Pacific, including Japan’s first ever bilateral defense forces reciprocal access agreement.

Domestically, Mr. Morrison stewarded the Australian economy to its lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years, balancing the federal budget before the pandemic hit and returning it to a structural surplus. He ensured Australia remained one of only nine countries in the world to maintain a AAA credit rating from all major international credit rating agencies.

Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Mr. Morrison served as a Cabinet Minister for five years, including three years as Federal Treasurer (2015-2018) where he focused on tax reform, foreign investment, banking regulation and governance and development of Australia’s FinTech sector. Mr. Morrison also served as a Cabinet Minister for Social Security and Immigration and Border Protection.

Throughout his nine years in Cabinet, Mr. Morrison served for eight years respectively on the Australian Government’s National Security Committee and Expenditure Review Committee.

Mr. Morrison served in the House of Representatives of Australia Commonwealth Parliament from 2007 to 2024.

Prior to entering politics Mr. Morrison worked in the tourism, hospitality, major events and commercial property sector as a senior executive. Mr. Morrison holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours in Economic Geography from the University of New South Wales, where he graduated in 1990.

As Prime Minister, Mr. Morrison was awarded the honour of Chief Commander of the United States Legion of Merit and the inaugural Grotius Prize for International Relations from UK Policy Exchange.

Mr. Morrison now serves as Vice Chairman of American Global Strategies and is a member of several Strategic Advisory Boards in the private equity sector as well as at the International Democratic Union, the Center for a New American Security and the Hudson Institute China Center.

Mr. Morrison is married to Jenny, they have two teenage daughters and live in Sydney, Australia.