October 8, 2021

MON, AUG 23, 2021


HUGH HEWITT: Joined now by the former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien. Good morning, Mr. Ambassador. Thank you for joining me.

RCO: Hey, good morning, Hugh. Great to be with you.

HH: The first and obvious question, would this have happened had President Trump been reelected?

RCO: No, look, it would have never happened in this manner. I mean, the President was committed to drawing down troops from Afghanistan, but when he left office, there were 2,500 American troops, importantly, 5,000 NATO troops. Kabul was free. Look, domestically on both sides of the aisle, everyone who his honest who will talk you knows that President Trump would have never presided over a situation like this. That goes for our foreign friends and our foes alike. President Trump was all about peace through strength and America first. And I don’t think anyone in an honest moment, whatever they’re saying now, you know, believes that this could have happened under President Trump and the strength that he projected. And so you know, it’s a sad situation for America.

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