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Category: Foreign Policy

Read AGS Managing Partner Alex Gray’s latest piece in the Financial Times – NATO’s Northern Flank Has Too Many Weak Spots
Earlier this month, AGS Chairman Ambassador Robert O’Brien traveled to Japan where he spoke at the Yomiuri International Economic Society. Attached are his full remarks.
AGS Chairman Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien is pleased to share his full remarks from the medal ceremony last month in Taipei. He is honored to have received the Order of the Brilliant Star from President Tsai.
AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien is quoted in Terri Wu’s article in The Epoch Times regarding Ford’s new deal with a Chinese EV battery manufacturer. “These autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles are at the very heart of China 2025, which is Beijing’s economic policy to dominate the world in tech,” former national security advisor Robert O’Brien told The Epoch Times. “Not just compete but to dominate the world in tech and become a sole supplier of leading tech, robotics, EVs in the world.”
AGS Chairman and former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien joined Trey Gowdy tonight on Fox’s ‘Sunday Night in America’ to break down how the Chinese spy craft changed U.S.-China relations.
AGS Chairman, Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien participated in the 2023 Kyiv Jewish Forum mega conference hosted by Tablet Magazine and the Jewish Federation of Ukraine. In a conversation moderated by Jeremy Stern, Ambassador O’Brien, along with former Senator Joe Lieberman, and advisor to President Zelenskyy, Andrew Mac, discussed the importance of maintaining bipartisan support for Ukraine.
The Nixon Seminar Co-Chairs, AGS Chairman Robert C. O’Brien and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, participated in another seminar last night to discuss How Wars End: Lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan
‘Not a person to be admired’: Former Trump national security adviser pillories Putin
US Defense Strategy Amid China’s Quest for Power
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