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Full Video: Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien receives the Order of the Brilliant Star with Special Grand Cordon from Taiwan’s President Tsai.
AGS Managing Partner Alexander Gray joined NTD Television to discuss China’s foreign policy following Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow and why the U.S. should be skeptical of China’s diplomatic overtures towards negotiating a settlement to the Russia-Ukraine war.
Today, AGS Chairman Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien received the Order of the Brilliant Star with Special Grand Cordon from Taiwan’s President Tsai. Ambassador O’Brien is currently leading Global Taiwan Institute’s Bipartisan Task Force on US-Taiwan Relations on a delegation in Taipei.
Robert C. O’Brien joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox: U.S. must do more to address China funneling fentanyl across our border
Read AGS Chairman Robert C. O’Brien’s latest Op-Ed: A strong tech sector will keep Xi Jinping from fulfilling his ‘Chinese Dream’
American Global Strategies LLC announced the opening of its newest office in downtown Oklahoma City. Additionally, AGS has announced the addition of two distinguished Senior Advisors, former Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor and former Acting Undersecretary of the U.S. Navy Greg Slavonic, who will support AGS’ clients firm-wide from the Oklahoma City office.
AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien is quoted in Terri Wu’s article in The Epoch Times regarding Ford’s new deal with a Chinese EV battery manufacturer. “These autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles are at the very heart of China 2025, which is Beijing’s economic policy to dominate the world in tech,” former national security advisor Robert O’Brien told The Epoch Times. “Not just compete but to dominate the world in tech and become a sole supplier of leading tech, robotics, EVs in the world.”
AGS Chairman Robert C. O’Brien joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News today to discuss China. “China will ‘take advantage’ of every ‘opening’ US gives them,” said O’Brien.
AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien contributed to Thomas Catenacci’s article: CCP-backed tech companies are poised to cash in on Biden’s climate bill, national security experts warn “It’s shocking that Ford is doing this,” former White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said in an interview with Fox News Media. “We just had a Chinese spy balloon traverse the length and breadth of our country and violate our sovereignty. And Ford is partnering with our leading competitor, our adversary, to work on battery technology and build batteries here in America.”
AGS Chairman and former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien joined Trey Gowdy tonight on Fox’s ‘Sunday Night in America’ to break down how the Chinese spy craft changed U.S.-China relations.