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AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien contributed to Thomas Catenacci’s article: CCP-backed tech companies are poised to cash in on Biden’s climate bill, national security experts warn “It’s shocking that Ford is doing this,” former White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said in an interview with Fox News Media. “We just had a Chinese spy balloon traverse the length and breadth of our country and violate our sovereignty. And Ford is partnering with our leading competitor, our adversary, to work on battery technology and build batteries here in America.”
AGS Chairman and former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien joined Trey Gowdy tonight on Fox’s ‘Sunday Night in America’ to break down how the Chinese spy craft changed U.S.-China relations.
AGS Chairman, Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien participated in the 2023 Kyiv Jewish Forum mega conference hosted by Tablet Magazine and the Jewish Federation of Ukraine. In a conversation moderated by Jeremy Stern, Ambassador O’Brien, along with former Senator Joe Lieberman, and advisor to President Zelenskyy, Andrew Mac, discussed the importance of maintaining bipartisan support for Ukraine.
The Nixon Seminar Co-Chairs, AGS Chairman Robert C. O’Brien and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, participated in another seminar last night to discuss How Wars End: Lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan
1945: Former NSC Robert C. O’Brien: U.S. Must Catch Up On EV And AV Automotive Technology
AGS Chairman and former National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien joined Laura Ingraham last night on the Ingraham Angle: It’s ‘highly unlikely’ the CCP flew spy balloons without us knowing: Former Trump official
Former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien reacts to the Chinese spy balloon flying over the U.S. on ‘Kudlow.’
AGS Managing Partner Alexander Gray sat down with Ben Bajarin, CEO and Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc. – Consumer Tech Research to discuss cybersecurity detection gaps, their impact on security operations teams, and the importance of going on offense to close these gaps.
AGS Chairman and Former National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien responds to the NTIA report released today – “It is deeply troubling that the National Telecommunications & Information Administration report that endorses “side loading” makes no mention in 50 pages of the Chinese Communist Party or its Telecom or tech proxies. This is the tech equivalent of admitting China to the WTO!
AGS Chairman Robert O’Brien on why the NDAA needs to tighten national security restrictions on chips made in China